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Welcome to Hai Seng

A long time ago, when Singapore was still young, a young man decided to open a provision store in the bustling Chinatown of Singapore. He rented a premise at Block 4 Sago Lane in the 1970s and sold a whole range of provisions for the community within the Chinatown area. Being close to the heart of Chinatown, people from all parts of Singapore would pass by and buy provisions from his store.

However, Singapore grew and through the 1980’s a number of supermarket chains began to also grow. The proliferation of these supermarket chains made it difficult for small independent provision shops to compete, as shoppers found it more convenient to shop at the supermarkets around the corner.


By the mid-1980’s the business owner who was by now approaching middle-age found it difficult to sustain the store as a provision store, decided to change the mix of his wares to household goods. Eventually, the provision store evolved into a retailer of household goods by the 1990s.

Sometime in the 1990s, the name of the business was changed to Hai Seng Porcelain (海生陶瓷) in recognition of the fact that a substantial proportion of the household goods being retailed were traditional kitchenware used in many Chinese households. During this time, the business owner began to develop a vision of wanting to preserve and promote the heritage of the Singapore of the 1960s and 1970s through the sale of tangible artefacts such porcelain and ceramic kitchenware which was commonly used in Singaporean Chinese households during that unique period of Singapore’s history.

Hai Seng Porcelain began to directly import porcelain and ceramic wares from the manufacturers of these products in China and Taiwan beginning from 2000’s and enamel ware from other Asian countries beginning from 2015.

Today, we at Hai Seng Porcelain carry a wide range of enamel wares, kitchen utensils, old school coffee cup with saucer, the popular Rooster bowls and plates series and many, many other appliances at very affordable price ranges. We are passionate about making sure our products have an authentic look and feel of the traditional Singaporean Chinese kitchen ware of the 1960s and 1970s. One example is enamel tiffin carrier which was commonly used by Singaporeans in the past. In today’s modern fast-paced Singaporean society where plastic containers are used to pack lunches, the throwback to traditional tiffin carriers may seem quaint but it provides an environmentally sustainable alternative to usage of disposable, single-use plastic containers.

Our vision is to provide our shoppers with quality household kitchen ware with good service at affordable prices. We invite you to visit our online catalogue of products and hope you will enjoy the online shopping experience.

Welcome all enquiries for retail or wholesale, whether it is local or global. also welcome you to drop by and visit our retail store at Block 4 Sago Lane in Chinatown, Singapore. All online enquiries to us will be attended to as soon as possible, but not exceeding two days.