Pie Dish

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*|Falcon| Pie Set

* Set contains*
   1 x 20cm Pie Dish
   1 x 24cm Pie Dish
   1 x 26cm Pie Dish
   1 x 28cm Pie Dish
   1 x 30cm Pie Dish  


Every enamel product can be use with gas stove, electronic stove, heat induction surface, steamer, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe. Due to high metal component in the core of the products, enamelwares are NOT microwavable.

Enamelware is very durable but it still can be damage without proper care or handling. Due to the fragile nature of the enamelware coating surface, any impact toward the hard surface or heavy aberration such as dropping or scratching may cause a crack or chip on the outer surface. However, as long as the damage area is not in contact with the food. You can still continue to use your enamelware and enjoy the uniqueness of it for years. In my opinion, this gains a little more character.

Majority processes of the enamelware are done by hand. It took 7 to 8 process to complete a single piece. Therefore, it is not perfect and common defects such as chipped paints and bubbles are commonly seen. So it is not suitable for ultra-fussy folks.
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