Tiffin Carrier (Tingkat)

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Food Container is called "Bento" in Japanese, "Pinto" in Thai and in Singapore, we called it "Tingkat". 
In the past, housewives made the lunchbox for their husbands to eat at work. While the children took lunchbox from their mothers to eat at school. 
These days, with the fast-growing and changing world, Tingkat has been fading away from our society. People find it more comfortable to have lunch at the nearby restaurant or cafeteria. These old-styles Tingkat is used as collectible stuff. 
In order to preserve the tradition and culture of our grandparents or parents generation, this old style is valuable either to collect as a collected stff or to be used as food container. 
The products is made by cold-steel-sheet, then chemical coating to become "Enamelware". 

Enamel | 搪瓷
Enamel | 搪瓷